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Quality is absolutely critical when sourcing functional and medicinal foods of any kind. When comparing mushroom supplements these are the things that matter:

  • Cultivation
  • Harvesting
  • Processing
  • Packing 

Mushrooms contain polysaccharides, specifically a type called beta-glucans, which have been shown to be adaptogenic, support immune health, general wellness, and healthy cell growth. 

Adaptogens are plant based functional foods that support the body to resist various stressors ranging from biological, chemical or physical. Adaptogens have been used in many cultures from Chinese Medicine to Ayurvedic healing traditions. Mushrooms are said to have many adaptogenic qualities, specifically for immune health. 

We only use EU and NOP Organic Certified mushrooms to make our powders, because we believe that organic farming provides the highest quality nutrient-dense mushrooms.
Organic farming nurtures the soil and supports the environment in which the mushrooms are grown and cultivated. Conventional farming relies on fertilizers and pesticides, giving nothing back to the soil and polluting the environment.
Yes – and that’s a good thing! Varieties of mushrooms have grown wild in China for thousands of years and have remained a traditional ingredient in most meals consumed there. China has the ideal growing conditions for organic mushrooms in addition to the designated land to support organic farming principles.
While some claim to offer this, on a commercial scale, it would be impossible to harvest enough mushrooms from the wild. Typically, only Chaga or Turkey Tail are wild-harvested as they grow in mountainous forests.

ZOI mushrooms undergo rigorous testing to check for heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides as per EU and NOP Organic standards. Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and strict microbiological analysis are carried out to confirm the correct identity and safety of each mushroom.

Using greenhouses to cultivate our organic mushrooms allows us to control their quality and provide consistency from batch to batch. The mushrooms are grown in controlled environments that mimic natural conditions grown in the wild.

Wholefood mushroom powders contain all macro and micro-nutrients including, protein, fibre, lipids, vitamins and minerals, as well as phyto-nutrients such as polysaccharides. They should be eaten with other functional foods or used in cooking.
Mushroom extracts use either hot water or ethanol and water extraction to offer highly concentrated phyto-nutrients. *We firmly believe these are designed for treating medical conditions and should be listed with the TGA with appropriate health claims.* Mushroom extracts making therapeutic claims should be sold in capsules or tablets. They should be listed with the TGA and referred to as Medicinal Mushrooms. Any claims, contra-indications, and adverse reactions should be clearly stated on the label. There should be an Evidence Package to support label claims from a regulatory authority.

This is a recent term given for colourful marketing purposes to avoid the words ‘solvent extraction’. It refers to water and ethanol combined in a certain ratio to concentrate the water and fat soluble phyto-nutrients.
Below is a Table of Mushroom extracts ZOI Organics has in development which will be Listed with the TGA. [br][br]

Product NamesPhyto-nutrients
Maitake (8:1) water extract 

Polysaccharide ≥30%,

Beta-glucan ≥20%

Reishi (15:1) dual extract

Polysaccharide ≥20%,

Beta-glucan ≥10%,


Shiitake (8:1) water extract 

Polysaccharide ≥25%,

Beta-glucan ≥15%

Turkey tail (12:1) water extract 

Polysaccharide ≥50%,

Beta-glucan ≥40%

Tremella (8:1) water extract 

Polysaccharide ≥40%,

Beta-glucan ≥30%

Chaga (8:1) dual extract

Polysaccharide ≥15%,

Beta-glucan ≥10%,

Triterpene ≥4%

Cordyceps militaris (8:1) water extract

Polysaccharide ≥25%,

Beta-glucan ≥15%,

Mannitol ≥10%,

Cordycepin ≥0.3%,

Adenosine ≥0.15%

The macro-nutrients found in mushroom powders give a fuller mouthfeel and taste compared to mushroom extracts. Mushroom extracts are more concentrated and normally have a stronger, bitter taste.

At ZOI Organic, we believe the fruiting body is most beneficial. This is what has been consumed for hundreds of years and wildcrafted from the forests.
It is essential that healthy mushroom spores are grown on the correct substrate to produce quality mushrooms. Low-temperature milling allows the chitin in the mushroom to be broken down to ensure the valuable polysaccharides are easily absorbed. Chitin plays its own role as being an in-soluble fibre and prebiotic, helping to improve gut health.

Standardisation refers to the quality control processes including cultivation, harvesting, drying and packing to ensure mushroom products that are consistent from batch to batch.
Consuming standardised organic mushroom powders from ZOI Organic guarantees a certain percentage of polysaccharides, protein, fibre, lipids, vitamins, and minerals.


If you have any questions about the ZOI Organic range, please contact [email protected] and we will be able to assist with your queries.
When introducing any new food product into your daily routine, we recommended that you consult with your healthcare professional.
Yes. We use quality-sourced ingredients. However, it is always recommended to speak with your healthcare professional regarding dosing before introducing new foods to your children.

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